Monday, 20 November 2017

This Modern Stove Gives off Less Smoke per Hour than One Cigarette – What?

In some cities, the air quality is so fragile that it is literally illegal to light up a fireplace or a stove. Sure, burning wood may not be the world’s greatest polluter, but it is definitely counted as hazardous for the environment. Furthermore, when released, particles found in soot can uncontrollably enter one’s lungs and cause a wide array of health problems like, for example, an asthma attack. Luckily, today, we have modern stoves that give off less smoke per hour than a single cigarette does. Here are few things you should know about them.

More Energy Efficient

The first thing you should know about the stoves in general is that most of them are energetically highly inefficient. What this means is that they waste heath on every step and need an insane amount of firewood to reach and maintain the acceptable temperature. Furthermore, they create a lot of sooth which clogs the chimney, making it less efficient. All of this means that you will need a lot more solid fuel in order to make the room warm or prepare a meal, so this becomes a financial problem, as well.

The award-winning Catalyst™ is the world’s first smart, ultra-clean wood stove

Controlling the Air

On the other hand, this ultra-efficient wood stove we are talking about is made so to produce almost no soot whatsoever. As most people already know, air is the key to burning wood. When trying to make the wood reach the desired temperature, it is necessary for one to create the draught. These smart stoves use electronics to control the influx of air, so that they can weaken or intensify it according to their need. With the help of a smart controller, the heat inside the stove is measured and a series of fans is used to control the fire. This allows the wood to burn out completely and make as little smoke as possible.

Heating Made Simple

People who don’t use wood as their primary heat source have no clue how much work making and maintaining the fire takes. Sometimes, the wood won’t be dry enough. Additionally, you will have to freeze in order to achieve an adequate draught. The worst of all is that, if you forget about your fire for just one second, it might self-extinguish. This smart stove, however, helps makes all of these tasks much simpler and gives you a lot less work. In the long run, this smart trait might make more people interested in this heating method by making it more layman-friendly.


While the environment will benefit greatly from these stoves, their users might profit even more. First, they will have a lot less to clean. Second, they will have to make less effort around the issue of heating. Last, but not the least important, they will manage to save a lot. For those who still want more, by reducing the amount of sooth that goes into atmosphere, modern stoves are also making our planet much cleaner. This notion alone is nearly impossible to top.


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